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Navigating the Financial Landscape as a Young Professional

As a young professional, one of many challenges you’ll face is navigating through the financial landscape of your career and financially preparing for your future. It’s important to work smart early on in your career and learn as much as you can about saving for the future, investing, and establishing your path to financial freedom. Here are just a few ways that Pan American Bank & Trust can advise you to properly navigate through the financial landscape as a young professional:

Pan American Bank & Trust can help you establish relationships. 
One advantage of being a young professional is networking within your local community. When you partner with a relationship-focused bank, you will have several opportunities to meet other like-minded individuals looking to reach the same financial goals as you. We will support the growth of local businesses and help individuals reach their financial goals, and can help young professionals make a positive impact in our community.

Opportunities to save and invest for your future.
Pan American Bank & Trust’s new Relationship Savings™ can help you save more with a higher interest rate. It offers free online banking, free mobile banking, free bank by phone, and no minimum balance fee. We also offer convenient and flexible savings accounts, savings accounts for your child’s future, certificates of deposit, and individual retirement accounts.

Getting the financing you need to achieve your financial goals.
Whether it’s a Home Equity Line of Credit (allowing you to borrow against the equity of your home), a home loan, certificate of deposit loan, or overdraft protection. Pan American Bank & Trust can assist you to get the financing you need to reach your financial goals.

As a young professional, there’s a lot to consider when planning your financial future. When you partner with a relationship-focused bank you become an integral part of your local economy, and receive the financial guidance and capital that you need. Ready to learn more about navigating the financial landscape as a young professional?

How We Live The Dream Every Day

At Pan American Bank & Trust, we live by one important principle: RELATIONSHIPS. We are committed to strengthening and enhancing every relationship we have with our clients, communities and our colleagues, and by doing so, we’re able to live out our dream. Every day we make a direct effort to build relationships and help our clients succeed in the following ways:

Become a trusted partner
When our clients view us as a trusted, community minded, local bank, we feel like we’ve taken the first step in building a strong relationship. We are committed to offering our clients and communities an efficient, personal touch customer service experience.

Help companies and the local community flourish
Whether you’re looking to open a personal checking account or get financing for your business, our dedicated staff ensures you have what you need to grow and flourish.

Offer personalized service
Many of our clients have been banking with us for several years, and that’s largely because we focus on a personalized service approach that can’t be found anywhere else.

Be a reliable leader within the community
We pride ourselves on being a reliable neighbor and a leader within the community that is dedicated to helping others. Whether it’s working with a municipality, a small business owner or an individual, we give our clients the necessary resources to live their dream and execute their goals.

We’re fortunate to live out our dream every day through our relationship-focused approach. Because we work with business owners, members of the community, villages, individuals and families, we’re able to set our clients up for success. When our clients live their dream, we live ours.

Why Partner with a Community Bank as a Small Business Owner?

If you're in the process of starting your own business, then you're beginning an exciting journey, one that comes with plenty of financial responsibilities.  One of the first steps you will take is establishing where you'll bank.  Whether you're seeking financial advice, applying for a loan or simply opening a business account, a community bank has several advantages over larger financial institutions.

  1. You can establish long-lasting relationships
    A community institution gets to know their clients—their financial needs, their loan history and their goals better than larger institutions. At a community bank, you’ll likely work directly with a single point of contact, such as a Relationship Executive at Pan American Bank & Trust, and you’ll receive a more personal small business banking experience as a result. Having a single point of contact makes banking easier and more personal for you.
  2. You can support your local economy
    As a small business owner, your local economy matters. By banking at a local institution, you’re feeding your money into the local market, which benefits your business and the other businesses in your local economy.
  3. You know where you’re money is (and who’s handling it)
    When you bank with a community bank, you’re keeping your money local. You’ve worked hard for the money that’s in your small business banking account, and you deserve to know exactly where your money is and the personnel that handle it. You can have a peace of mind and feel safer knowing that your hard-earned cash sits with a respected and trusted local bank. 

    When you start a small business, the decision of where to bank is a major one. Banking with a local community bank can provide you with opportunities like building relationships within your community, supporting your local economy and building a broader network of professionals. Be sure to ask your bank about their Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) rating. Pan American Bank & Trust has an outstanding CRA rating, which means we’re obligated and committed to help meet the credit needs of our local community.

    Do you own a small business and have questions about how to get started with a relationship, community bank like Pan American Bank & Trust? Please call us or visit one of our offices today and ask about how we can can help simplify your business.
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