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Gary Richter
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The Pan American Bank & Trust Experience

“When buying a property, I started with another financial institution, only to find that they had a two month backlog and could not commit to meeting my closing deadline. A friend recommended Pan American Bank & Trust, and within 48 hours, Patrick Giuliano took action. Through the customized service and quick decision making that only a Bizunity™ bank offers, Pat was able to secure a mortgage in under two weeks and within the contract deadline. Pan American Bank & Trust demonstrates how a successful banking relationship works.”

Gary Richter


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“Without the partnership with Pan American Bank & Trust, I would not have been able to secure the factory that we so desperately needed. They not only moved quickly, but also provided the advisory we needed to sustain our continued growth in the pet health industry.”

Amy Paris

Founder & CEO

The Pet Health People, LLC

“For several years Pan American Bank & Trust has been a reliable neighbor and a leader within the community dedicated to helping us invest the time and resources needed to empower thousands of homeless people to a life of independence.”

Neli Vazquez Rowland

President & Co-Founder

A Safe Haven Foundation

“As a trusted, local bank, Pan American Bank & Trust has time and again offered my company and me an efficient experience with customer service that’s second to none. They’re helping my company, me and the communities we work in to grow
and flourish.”

Lorenzo Pate

Executive Vice President

Flex Development Corporation