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April – Community Banking Month

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Pan American Bank & Trust is proud to be a community banking family member. In April, Pan American Bank will celebrate the spirit by which we operate: Bizunity™. This term was coined to reflect our standing as a premier bank for business and community. We offer the personalized, relationship-based service that can only be provided by an independently owned bank that values Bizunity™. Not only does Pan American Bank strive to assist and improve the communities they serve, but they also regularly achieve awards for performance. PAB&T has been recognized as "outstanding" by the FDIC for our efforts regarding community credit needs. This prestigious designation is awarded to less than 2% of banks in the United States. 

Community banks primarily concentrate on the needs of the businesses and residents of the areas where their branches are located. Decisions are made by people who live and work in the community and promote only the most positive initiatives. To better define the relevance of a community bank such as PAB&T and how they define themselves from a corporate bank, here are some distinctions:

  • Community banks are operated in the community they serve.
  • Locally owned, most of their clients and deposits are also local.
  • Deposits are reinvested in community initiatives.
  • Employees are neighbors and locals who genuinely understand the community's needs.
  • Community banks comprise almost 97% of all banks.
  • As the primary source of lending for small businesses and farming, their assets may range from $10 million to $10 billion.
  • Banking fees are lower at community banks than larger institutions.
  • The Board of Directors for a community bank are selected from local residents who have a genuine vested interest in the community.
  • Community banks offer a wide variety of banking products and services and offer the advantage of personalized products tailored to suit their clients' needs.

Community banks develop authentic "Relationships" with their clients. PAB&T prizes the connections they have with every client and is a much different approach than a multi-state corporate bank. PAB&T prides itself on working with clients to achieve their most ambitious dreams, the Bizunity way. The first and most important aspect of PAB&T's approach is to develop a trusted, personalized relationship with our clients. 

Pan American Bank & Trust would like to utilize Community Banking Month to thank the communities that we serve for the honor of allowing us to be part of your business and organizations. We are dedicated to embarking on future initiatives and relationships to improve and enhance the communities we care for.






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