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Small Business Concepts for Entreprenuers

Pet sitter caring about dogs. They are outside and walking.

If you’ve decided 2021 will be the year to get ahead, catch up or just start something new, join the movement of side hustlers looking to do the same! Side hustles are small businesses that provide a secondary income. For some, the side hustle can grow to become their primary source of income. The key to choosing the right side-hustle is to consider your existing interests, skills and previous work history. The more you need to adapt and understand about a new endeavor or job, the longer it will take to do well at it and the better chance you will become frustrated before you succeed. Consider your options wisely, ultimately selecting one that will align with your passions, personal time that can be dedicated and experience.

For those looking for a positive change and have an entrepreneurial mindset, listed below are some of the most popular and likely to succeed side hustle endeavors. Most do not require major funding or office space and rely primarily on your personal skill set and drive. The greatest advantage to most of these businesses is that you can set your own hours and the growth potential is as limitless as you desire if operated and marketed properly.

Technology Device Repair Service

Skillset: Tablet and phone screens crack on a daily basis and simple repairs can be costly. Providing the same services for less will attract a client base that can easily grow by word of mouth and great customer service.

Costs: Aside from simple tools and parts to start there should not be any other initial costs. The services can be advertised for free on social media and unless you require a training class your skills are already paid for. All of the repairs can be done from your home in your spare time, therefore there will not be an expense for office space.

Once you have established yourself and have more work than you can handle, additional help can be brought on in different locations, increasing your revenue without adding to your time.

Using your Writing Skills

There are several businesses that can be successful if you have a way with words.

Blogging. Although it may take time, once a blog becomes popular, a blogger can profit tremendously through advertising.

Proofreading. Such a service is crucial for those in academia, executives or anyone that needs a professional review of any type of written documentation. An English or journalism background would be ideal for this type of business.

Resume Assistant. As many navigate the ever-changing job market, a perfect candidate for this role will have a background that has educated them to showcase your client’s talents and offer critical editing.

Skillset: Expectations will be high and your business will grow partly by repeat business and referral so you must be confident that your editing skills are on point to succeed.

Costs: None of these businesses require more than a computer, your skills and a website.

Service Provider

There are several services in demand that people will gladly pay for others to provide. Here are just a few:

  • Dog walker / Pet Care
  • House Cleaning
  • Elder / Child Care
  • Errand Runner
  • Gardening/Snow Removal
  • Mobile Car Detailing
  • Organizing Services
  • Re-selling Items for others
  • Preparing meals for sale and delivery
All of these businesses can grow to substantial sizes, with the potential to hire employees to expand. All of these can be achieved with determination and willingness to work if you have the matching interests.






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