Pan American Bank & Trust is the premier bank for entrepreneurs, businesses, and communities

You’re an ambitious entrepreneur seeking a trusted financial partner to grow your business. We’re a team of bold, solution-oriented bankers eager to see you achieve your dreams.

As a locally-owned institution, we share our clients’ entrepreneurial spirit and grit. We fiercely reject one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter banking for a more personalized and adaptable approach. We meet clients where they are, so we can get them where they want to go – together.

We offer a full suite of products, services, and 1:1 support for companies of all sizes. Whether you’re a solopreneur or running a multi-generational family-owned business, we have a banking solution for you.

Our Story

In 2007, as the U.S. braced for the great recession, Frank Cerrone approached Pan American Bank & Trust with the intent to transform it into a haven for businesses. Previously, as the Executive Vice President of the International Bank of Chicago, he played a pivotal role in its early success. Seeking to emulate this achievement, he joined Pan American & Trust as its President and CEO.

While major banks grappled with the economic downturn, Cerrone and business partner Nick Giuliano (now Chairman) strategized to offer distinctive, valuable services for local entrepreneurs frustrated with impersonal banking. Bringing over 35 years of experience in banking and financial services, Giuliano’s expertise, particularly in private banking, played a crucial role in shaping the bank’s strategic direction.

What started as one bank in Little Village eventually grew to five locations, with its headquarters in Melrose Park. Not only has Cerrone and Giuliano replicated their success, but exceeded it with the support of the Board of Directors – a diverse group of mission-driven entrepreneurs.

Cerrone and Giuliano, both first-generation Italians, fuse the traditional values they grew up with into their approach to business banking–but with a modern twist. The goal? To make everyone who walks through Pan American’s doors, both employees and clients, feel valued. While reports show more than $50 billion in bank acquisition and merger deals since 2021, Pan American is laser-focused on being Chicagoland’s premier locally-owned bank for entrepreneurs.

A Note from our President and CEO

The banking landscape is rapidly changing, with bigger banks absorbing the smaller, community-focused ones. At Pan American Bank & Trust, we’ve observed this shift and remain steadfast in our commitment to personalized banking.

Larger banks might offer a one-size-fits-all solution, but entrepreneurs need more. They work outside standard banking hours and deserve quick responses. That’s why our team at Pan American is always accessible, ensuring our clients have support around the clock.

We don’t just view ourselves as bankers but as fellow entrepreneurs. We believe in open dialogue, face-to-face interactions, and truly understanding our clients’ vision. As the banking world evolves, our commitment to personal touch remains unchanged.

Company Culture at Pan American Bank & Trust

Every team member commits to our Crest of Culture, a set of characteristics and practices that embody our values at the bank. This Crest of Culture has significantly impacted our designation as a 2018 and 2022 Best Banks to Work For from American Banker. American Banker takes employee feedback on culture, benefits, and overall morale to decide on winners.
Central to our culture is the concept of ownership. This sense of ownership translates to accountability and ignites passion. In our environment, employees don’t just fulfill roles; they operate with the conviction that they’re steering their own business, fostering a profound sense of value and belonging.

Investing in Our Communities

At Pan American Bank & Trust, our roots are deeply intertwined with the local communities we serve. We believe in actively giving back and reinforcing the communal bonds that make our neighborhoods thrive. After all, our success is a reflection of the community’s prosperity.

We take pride in championing diverse community initiatives, such as our ongoing collaboration with the Bloomingdale Park District and participating in backpack and food drives, and much more.

Beyond our banking services, our team is passionate about rolling up their sleeves, diving into community efforts, and working alongside neighbors and businesses. This proactive approach exemplifies our belief that banking goes beyond transactions – it’s about building and supporting the community fabric.

Our Services

We embrace a personalized banking approach, meeting clients where they are and guiding them to where they want to be. Our full suite of products and dedicated 1:1 support cater to everyone, from solopreneurs to multi-generational family businesses.
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  • Step OneSBA Loans
  • Step OneAffordable Business Financing
  • Step OneTreasury Management
  • Step OnePersonal Checking
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  • Step OneConsumer Lending

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