An Important Message from Pan American Bank & Trust’s

President & CEO

 Woman with wallet wearing protective face mask and gloves to prevent viruses reaching for credit card returned by cashier at cash register. #StrongerTogether #NeverMoreThanNow

Every individual, every business and every organization have to some degree been stopped in their tracks and forced to adjust to the uncertainty of our times. Rest assured we will return to normal. It might be a new kind of normal, but it is coming. And we may find that much good comes from what lies ahead. In the meantime, we all look for ways to carry on.

Pan American Bank & Trust has gone outside its regular resources and beyond the normal bounds to work on an individual basis with each and every client who reaches out for help during this crisis. We may not be able to work face-to-face right now, but we are still committed to working person-to-person. NEVER MORE THAN NOW.

Best of class automation is available at every bank big or small and PAB&T is no exception. Using that automation and relying on the desire of our employees to roll up their sleeves, with an “all hands on deck” mentality, to take calls late into the evening and again before sunrise, we’re able to do what some of the larger banks will not. No call goes unanswered at PAB&T. Being aggressive about the welfare of our clients has always been the PAB&T way - NEVER MORE THAN NOW.

This crisis is teaching everyone some valuable lessons. First responders and the medical community have been heroic and can never be thanked enough. Having the kids home all day and providing home schooling has given us profound appreciation for their teachers. Cashiers, baggers and stock clerks at the supermarket and other service providers have been too long undervalued. As a nation, we need to redouble our commitment to “Made in America”. Locally owned Community banks, as Pan American Bank & Trust is, have a unique responsibility and place in our society. NEVER MORE THAN NOW.

At Pan American Bank & Trust, we see this crisis as an opportunity to rise to the occasion and demonstrate the true meaning of “Bizunity™” as we serve the businesses that help to keep our communities healthy and thriving - NEVER MORE THAN NOW.

Frank C. Cerrone, President & CEO
and all of the dedicated employees at
Pan American Bank & Trust