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Relocation Tips to Consider

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Considering moving or relocating? Moving around the corner or to a different state, each comes with challenges. Let’s discuss the important factors to consider before you move. 

Moving to another neighborhood or State
Before you make your decision use the internet to read news from the new location. Take a trip, at least once, to visit the new location or consider renting for a few months. Obtain a brochure or guidebooks to learn more about the new city. 

Moving can be expensive, start with a reasonable budget and determine what you’re willing to spend. Then list the necessary services versus desired services. Consider moving off season, this may benefit the pocket book. Leave extra room in the budget for those unexpected expenses.

If you have school age children, be sure to check out the schools. A good education system ensures a great foundation for students, and a highly rated school district may increases the value of your home.

This is a huge incentive or deterrent for many to move to other states. The overall savings or expense can be tremendous. For instance, many states do not charge an income tax. Other states do not charge sales tax and others have extremely low property taxes. The combination of two or three of those could tax differences could add up to tens of thousands of dollars.

Job Market
Unless you are keeping your current job, you should research the employment opportunities offered in the new location.

Whether renting or buying, you need to be educated on the market values for real estate in the new location. Be aware of added expenses such as increased insurance cost, or association fees.

Major Transportation
If you are an avid traveler or expect visitors, keep in mind the distance to the nearest major airport when relocating. The added time before and after a flight when traveling to an airport can be an inconvenience.

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